Al​-​Mu'allim - Juz 'Amma
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The Juz 'Amma Al-Mu'allim is a double CD album (CD1 An'Nabá to Al-A'la) & (CD2 Al-Ghāshiyah to An-Nās), which is read by the world renowned Gur'an reciter Shaykh Mishary Rashed al-Afasy. In this compilation he teaches the 30th Chapter of the Holay Qur'an in a clear and comprehensive way. He uses the tahqiq (slow melodic tone) recitation style with his young students, who attentively listen and in synchronisation, repeat verse by verse after him, rectifying themselves as they progress. The listener will be able to engage in this process and follow the verses easily.

The traditional and instructive method employed in the Juz 'Amma Al-Mu'allim is regarded as an effective and motivating approach for anyone that seeks to self-teach and memorize the Juz 'Amma with greater attention given to correct pronunciation; the application of tajwīd (recitation rules) and makhārij (outlets for sound or intonations).

Alif Recording specialises in the production of audio-based Islamic education and Qur'anic recitation.

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