Juz Amma - Various Reciters - Volume 1 (2 CD)
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The Juz ʿAmma Various Reciters Vol. 1 is a
compilation album containing recitations from
various famous Qur’ān reciters from across the
world. Regularly recited in obligatory prayers, the
30th Chapter is perhaps the most read portion of
entire the Qur’ān. The groups of sūrahs read by
individual reciters are carefully chosen for their style,
temperament and impact. Enchanting and uplifting,
the recitations are reflective of the various themes
conveyed in the verses of Juz ʿAmma.

CD1 consists of more traditional recit ers, many
from the past, with a firm focus on the execution
of tajweed in a manner that is rhyt hmic and slow
in pace. CD2 contains more emotionally charged
recitations from a mixture of old as well as new
reciters of the modern genres of Qur’ān recitation.
The variation of these recitations compliments the
melodic, transcendent and divinely inspired nature of
the Glorious Qur’ān.


Abdul Basit Abdul Samad * Mahmud Khalil Al-Husary
Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi * Mohamed Ayoub
Abdur-Rahman Al-Huthaify * Abdullah Al-Matrood
Muhammad Jebril * Mishary Al-Afasy * Saad Al-Ghamdi
Hani Al-Rifai * Omar Al-Kazabri * Abdul Wadood Haneef
Fares Abbad * Nabil Al-Rifai * Abdul Aziz Al-Zahrani

Alif Recordings specialises in the production of audio-based
Islamic education and Qur’anic recitation.

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