The Eternal Challenge
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“This is a great read. I knew nothing about the Qur’an and decided to educate myself and this book really gives a great insight”
Darrin Blair

“Beautifully simple and elegantly written.”
Hena H. Siddiqui

This is a fascinating read
Joseph Kelly

A Sneak Preview Inside The Book

1. Teachings: The main concepts and themes the Qur'an teaches including its concept of God, the Prophets and the hereafter.

2. God: The fact that the Quranic conception of the Oneness of God is rational, intuitive and provable.

3. Preservation: The fact that Qur'an is an orally and textual preserved book that has stood the test of time.

4. Timelessly Relevant: The fact that it's descriptions of the world seem to be multi-layered and multi-levelled. There are many meanings that address various levels of understanding.

5. Unmatched: The fact that the Qur'an is linguistic and literary inimitable. It cannot be matched with regards to its eloquence, style and literary features.

6. Structure: The fact that the Qur'an was revealed over a 23 year period yet it displays a remarkable coherent literary structure.

7. Predictions: The fact that the Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) made accurate predictions of the future.

8. Lost Knowledge: The fact that the Qur'an reveals lost knowledge from history that was inaccessible during the time of its revelation.

9. Impact: The fact that the Qur'an has affected your lives in ways that you cannot imagine. It has facilitated scientific progress, tolerance and justice for all people.

10. Divine: The fact that the Qur'an could not have been produced by a human being, and its miraculous nature cannot be explain naturalistically.

ISBN: 9781910952009
Forfatter: Abu Zakariya
Udgiver: OneReason (2015)
Sider: 119
Indbinding: paperback 

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