The Book of Great Quotes
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Throughout the centuries, the world has come to know some great leaders who have been revered as shapers and makers of civilisation. Many of them have been celebrated, whilst others have been forgotten, and some, for one reason or another, have been overlooked.

The leaders profiled within this book occupy that last category. Although they did not build palaces or auhtor extensive literary works, their legacies are considered to be unique in islamic history.

Inspired by the message of their teacher, Prophet Muhammad (s), to this day they continue to enrich and influence the lives of millions across the world. These great polymaths are known as the first four caliphs of Islam. They include Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, Umar bin Al-Khattab, Uthman bin Affan and Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra).

Flamur Vehapi's work brings together some of the most inspirational quotes from that era. They are sure to motivate and capture the hearts of Muslims everywhere.


A Brief Timeline of the Early Caliphate

The Caliphs and the Caliphate

On the Divine

On Time and the Life of this World

On Self-Control and Vain Desires

On Truthfulness, Honesty and Intention

On Wrongdoing and Sin

On Justice and Integrity

On the Hereafter and Preparing for It

On Trials, Hope and Self-Improvement

On Matters of Faith

On Character and Manners

On Knowledge

ISBN: 9781905837649
Forfatter: Flamur Vehapi
Udgiver: Claritas Books (2023)
Sider: 168
Indbinding: paperback

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