Secrets of The Quran
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Secrets of The Quran seeks to unravel the fascinating secrets and timeless verses that have captivated scholars, poets, and lyricists for over a millennium. As you read, you will bear witness to a mesmerizing collection of secrets, deep mysteries, and beautiful subtleties that exceed the scope of human possibility, all proving that the Quran is the sublime, miraculous Speech of Allah. Secrets of the Quran will imbue you with a newfound appreciation for the Quran and a renewed sense of faith you never knew you needed.

Perfect for devout Muslims, newcomers to the faith, and anybody who wishes to uncover more about the divine nature of the Quran.

Rafiq Faiz, born and raised in New York, is a mufti and resident scholar who graduated from Madinah, Saudi Arabia. He studied Qur'änic exegesis (tafsir), theology, and hadith under some of today's most esteemed and influential scholars. As the author of Secrets of the Quran, alongside several prominent research papers in the field of medicine, according to Islamic law, and biochemistry, Mufti Rafiq is passionate about inspiring the leaders of tomorrow's generation.

ISBN: 9798985763911
Forfatter: Rafiq Faiz
Udgiver: Rafiq Faiz (2023)
Sider: 230
Indbinding: hardback

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