Islamic Dress Code for Women
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In our world of chaos and confusion concerning the unending problems of sexual abuses and perversion, most of mankind has all but given up hope on how to come to terms with this intractable of all problems. If we don't come up with a solution to face this dilemma, the disaster that accompanies thes crimes will be upon us as a whole. We will pay, our childern will pay and our children's childern will pay. This is certain.

Thankfully, we have the divine guidance on how to avoid these problems form the beginning by follwoing the laws set out for us by the one who knows his creation. Darussaalam presents this booklet as a solution to one of the most difficult problems of our time.

ISBN: 9960-899-44-6
Author: Compiled by Darussalam
Publisher: Darussalam (1999)
Pages: 64
Binding: Paperback

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