Islam: The Perfect Religion
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This lecture was delivered in the Holy Mosque of the Prophet (pbuh) in Madeenah al-Munawwara and is presented in the form of this booklet.

It addresses the key bases of Islam. It begins with the belief in the Oneness of Allâh, the very basis of the Islamic faith, the Oneness of Allâh as the Lord, the Oneness of Allâh's worship and the Oneness of Allâh's names and attributes.

The Sheikh referred to in this lecture: The Reminder and guidance, the difference between good deeds and otherwise, the status of one who does not apply the Shari'ah (Law) of Allâh. Similarly he made clear the status of the Islamic community, the internal and external policies of the Islamic state. He also discussed the problem of the domination of the disbelievers over the Muslims for their lack of strength and resources, along with important issues of differences amongst the members of the Islamic community.

The speaker presented solutions for such problems in the light of the Qur'ân and the Sunnah, which if the Muslims follow, will dominate this world, the same way their ancestors did. This nation cannot excel except with the means adopted by their pious ancestors:

"Allâh will certainly aid those who aid His [cause];"

We present this valuable discourse of the eminent scholar of Islam, and hope that the students and general Muslims will benefit from it, inshaAllâh.

ISBN: 9960-9666-1-5
Author: Muhammad al-Ameen ash-Shinqeeti
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House (New English Edition 2006)
Pages: 61
Binding: Paperback

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