Islam - The Misunderstood Religion
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Muhammad Qutb's popular introduction to Islam for non-Muslims approaches the subject from a civilizational/ideological point-of-view comparing various social systems against Islam.


1. Is Religion Antiquated?

2. Islam and Slavery

3. Islam and Feudalsim

4. Islam and Capitalism

5. Islam and Private Ownership

6. Islam and the Class System

7. Islam and Alms

8. Islam and Woman

9. Islam and the Concept of Punishment

10. Islam and Civilization

11. Islam and Reactionism

12. Islam and Sexual Repression

13. Islam and Freedom of Thought

14. Religion: the Opium of the People?

15. Islam and Non-Muslim Communities

16. Islam and Idealism

17. Islam and Communism

18. What Next?

Forfatter: Muhammad Qutb
Udgiver: International Islamic Foundation of Student Organisations
Sider: 274
Indbinding: paperback

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