Encyclopedia of Islamic Jurisprudence Concerning Muslim Women
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Pages: Vol 1: 589, Vol 2: 524 Vol 3: 568

Dear Muslim sister, it is my sincere intention to present you with a comprehensive book that addresses those matters of your life and religion that are essential in facilitating your role as a mother, teacher and nurturer. i have collected, in this work, the views of great scholars (and imams) who have preceded us in their knowledge, laborious endeavors, and virtue.'

Volume One:

Status of Women in Islam
What is a woman's right in the light of the Shari'ah (law) of Islam'
Does Islam honour or disgrace
Her excellent reception at birth
The Aqeeqah
His / Her naming
Her share of inheritance
Her entitlement to care and equality with male children
Honouring women as wives
Right to education
Her eligibility for Islamic obligations
The entitlement to having her will respected
Right to own property
Right to work
What are the conditions under which a woman is allowed to work'
Book of Belief

Belief in the Oneness of the Creator
Chapter 1

Belief in Allah
Allah's Beautiful Names
The meaning of the blessed Names
Allah's Attributes

Chapter 2

Belief in the Angels

Some are assigned to the Throne
Some are Keepers of Paradise
Some of them are Keepers of Hell
Some are assigned to record the actions of Allah's slaves
Some are dwellers of the heavens
Some witness the funerals of the martyrs and righteous people
Some who are assigned to guard humans
Some of them look for gatherings of remembrance of Allah on the earth
Some of them are responsible for conveying greetings to the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) from his Ummah
Some are envoys between Allah and His Messengers
Belief in the Books

Belief in the Messengers

The Prophets who are mentioned in the Qur'aan by their names, Adam to Muhammad
Belief in the Last Day

The Grave and the Barzakh Life
Blowing of the Trumpet
Horrors of the Day of Resurrection
Resurrection and Gathering
The arrogant ones
Those who will be provided shelter under Allah's shade
The Intercession

The Pond
The Scale
What will be weighed on the Balance'
The Bridge
Description of Hell
Description of Paradise and its Bliss
Belief in Pre-Decree

Invalidators of Islam

Beware of Words that Lead to Disbelief
Book of Trial and Signs of the Hour

Minor signs of the Hour
Major signs of the Hour
Book of Purification

Bathroom Manners
Ritual Bath
Al-Mustahabb, Al-Makruh
Menstruation, Its Conditions, Its Purification, Its Ruling

Volume Two:

Book of Prayer

Its Meaning, Wisdom, Timings, and Abandonments
Adhaan and Iqaamah
Conditions for the Validity of Prayer
Things Disliked in Prayer
Congregational Prayer, Traveler's Prayer, Prayer of Fear
Jumu'ah Prayer
Supererogatory Prayers
Eid Prayers
Taraweeh Prayers
Prayer for the Eclipse of the Sun and Moon
Prayer for Rain
Ruling for Funerals
Book of Zakaah

Its Definition, Ruling and Proof, Wisdom and Abandonment
Nisab, Its Conditions and what is Due on Each Nisab
Zakah of the Mixed Wealth
Manner of Paying Zakah
Beneficiaries of Zakah
Paying Zakah on Money Loaned out to others
Zakatul Fitr
Book of Fasting

Its Meaning, Wisdom, Ordainment, Conditions and Abandonments
Etiquettes of Fasting
Making up for the Missed Days in Ramadan
Supererogatory Fasting
The Disliked and the Forbidden Fasts
I'tikaf, Its Meaning, Ruling, Conditions and Invalidators
Book of Hajj and Umrah

Its Meaning, Ruling and Proof, and Conditions
Entering into the State of Ihram
Rites of Hajj and Umrah
Recommended Acts of Hajj, Termination of Ihram for Hajj
Violation of a Hajj, Ruling Concerning a Person
Visiting the Prophet's Mosque and His Noble Grave
Oaths and Vows

Its Definition, Types, and Fulfillment
Slaughtering, Hunting, Food and Drink

Its Meaning
Animals that are slaughtered
Book of Dress and Adornment

Using Gold, Silver and Silk
Rulings regarding Hair, Its Length and Color
The Impermissibility of Making Images, Its Wisdom and Exceptions (if any)
Book of Nikah (Marriage)

Its Definition, Ruling, Reasoning, Pillars, Dowry and Witnesses
Etiquettes of Marriage
Conditions Made in Marriage
The Option in Marriage
Marital Rights and Obligations
Wife's Rebellion
Conjugal Bed Manners
Invalid Marriages
Women Forbidden for Marrying
Divorce, Its Ruling, Pillars, and Types
Khul', Its Ruling, Conditions
I'la, Its Ruling and Regulations
Zihar, Its Ruling and Regulations
Li'an, Proof from the Texts, Its Wisdom and Ruling
'Iddah, Its Meaning, Ruling, Wisdom, Types
Maintenance, Its Meaning and Its Recipients
Hadhanah, Its Meaning, Ruling
Suckling, Its Meaning, Obligations
Kinship, Its Meaning, Ruling
Book of Inheritance and Its Rulings

Mutual Inheritance
Causes of Inheritance
Males and Females who entitled to a Share of Inheritance
The Prescribed Statutory Portions
Ta'sib, Its Meaning, Categories
Hajb, Its Meaning, Types
Cases of inheritance involving Grandfather
Division of the Estate
Share of a Hermaphrodite
Inheritance of the Fetus, the Lost Person and the Drowned
Shares of Kin and Kith
Book of Interactions

Sales, Its Ruling, Wisdom, Pillars, Conditions
Riba (Usury), Its Meaning, Types, Ruling, Wisdom, Basics
As-Sarf, Its Meaning, Ruling, Wisdom, Conditions
As-Salam, Its Meaning, Ruling, Conditions, Regulations
Shuf'ah, Its Meaning, Proof
Iqalah (Revocation of Contract), Its Meaning, Ruling
Sharikah (Partnership), Its Meaning, Ruling, Conditions
Mudharabah, Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Musaqat, Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Muzara'ah (Leasing of Land for Agriculture), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Ijarah, Its Meaning, Ruling, Conditions, Regulations
Al-Ju'alah (Reward or Prize), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Hawalah (Transfer), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations, Conditions
Adh-Dhaman (Guarantee-ship), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Kafalah (Surety-ship), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Ar-Rahn (Mortage), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Wakalah (Delegation), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations, Conditions
As-Sulh (Peace-making), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations, Types
Reviving a Dead Piece of Land, Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Excess Water, Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Iqta (Land Allocation), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Hima (Sanctuary), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Qardh (Loan), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations, Conditions
Al-Wadi'ah, Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Ariyah, Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Ghasb (Illegal Seizure of Property), Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Luqtah, Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
LuqIt, its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations
Al-Hajr, Its Meaning, Ruling,
Bankruptcy, Its Meaning, Ruling
Al-Wasiyyah (Will and Testament), Its Meaning, Ruling, Conditions
Al-Waqf, Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations, Conditions
Hibah, Its Meaning, Ruling, Conditions
Al-'Umra (Life Grant), Its Meaning, Ruling
Ar-Ruqba, Its Meaning, Ruling, Regulations

Volume Three:

Book of Jihaad and Related Matters

Fighting in the Way of Allaah
Necessity of Getting Prepared for Jihad
Giving a Guarantee of Protection
Trust and Peace Treaty
Distribution of War Booty, Kharaj and Jizyah
War Captives
Horse Race and Archery

Crimes and Rulings Pertaining to Them

Crime against a Person
Rulings Concerning Crimes
Crimes Committed on Limbs
Head Wound
Injury Caused on other Parts of the Body beside the Head and Face

Hudood (Prescribed Punishments) and Its Rulings

Prescribed Punishment (Hadd) for Consuming Alcohol
Legal Punishment for Slander (Qadhf)
The Prescribed Punishment for Adultery
The Prescribed Punishment for Theft
Penalty for Muharibeen (Highway Robbers)
Ahl Al-Baghy
Tarikus-Salat (One Who Abandons Prayer)
Discretionary Punishment (Ta'zir)

Judicial Decisions and Testimonies

Al-Qada' (Judicial Decision)
Al-Iqrar (Confession)
Bondage and It's Rules

Rulings Pertaining to a Bondman

Umm Walad
Book of Manners

Etiquettes of Intention
Being Courteous with Allaah
Being Courteous with Allaah's Book (the Glorious Qur'aan)
Being Courteous with the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam)
Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice
Loving the Companions of Allaah's Messenger, Believing in their Superiority, Honouring the Muslim Imams and Obeying those who are in Positions of Authority

Being Courteous with One's Self
Being Courteous with the Creation: Parents, Children, Siblings, Spouses, Relatives, Neighbours, Muslims, Non-Muslims, Animals
Brotherhood, Loving and Hating for the Sake of Allaah
Etiquettes of Sitting and Gathering
Manners of Eating and Drinking
Etiquettes of Hospitality
Etiquettes of Traveling
Manners of Dressing
Hijab in Islam
Conditions of an Islamic Hijab
Characteristics of the Fitrah
Manners of Sleeping
Book of Manners

Description of Good Manners
Patience and Perseverance
Putting One's Trust in Allaj (at-Tawakkul) and Self-Reliance
Altruism and Practical Examples
Justice and Moderation
Al-Haya (Modesty)
As-Sidq (Truthfulness)
Generosity and Liberality
Humility and Condemnation of Arrogance
Despicable Traits

Showing Off
Pride and Self-Delusion
Despair and Laziness
Women Who are Role Models

And Lots More...

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