Elevate Your Salah - Take Your Salah To The Next Level
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Feeling like Salah is a chore and a struggle to looking forward —> to each Salah & being motivated to offer it.

Performing Salah without knowing what you're saying & doing —> to praying with focus and experiencing a newfound sense of peace and contentment... in and outside your prayers.

Getting distracted easily and thinking about other things —> to prioritising prayer as the most important action of your life (and afterlife) by praying on time and consistently, every day.

Chapter 1 - Re-Thinking Salah
Chapter 2 - Involving The Heart
Chapter 3 - How to Pray
Chapter 4 - The Journey Begins
Chapter 5 - The Opening Supplication
Chapter 6 - Defeating the Devil & Seeking Blessings
Chapter 7 - A Conversation with Allah
Chapter 8 - Take a Bow
Chapter 9 - The Closest to Allah
Chapter 10 - The Grand Finale
Chapter 11 - Sending Salutations
Chapter 12 - Concluding Supplications
Chapter 13 - The Journey Ends
Chapter 14 - Tips & Takeaways

ISBN: 978-0-9930201-4-8

Forfatter: Asim Khan
Udgiver: Figtree (2023)
Sider: 145

Indbinding: paperback

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