Blossom: A Muslim Girls Period Guide (ages 9-14)
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An Islamic puberty guide just for Muslim girls!

Learn how to blossom from a girl into a young woman in a way that pleases Allah. Understand the changes that your body is going through, the Islamic rulings for menstruation, and much more!

- Sweet & Simple Girl's Guide
- Brief breakdown of the puberty process.
- How to react to your first period.
- Dealing with PMS symptoms.
- Simplified explanation of the fiqh of menstruation (Hanafi madhhab).
- Islamic motivation and inspiration.
- Life advice and guidance.
- Review questions and period tracker.

Notice for Parents

Some Muslim parents avoid talking to their girls about puberty, periods, and what comes with it. The problem is that many Muslim girls grow up not knowing how to practice the rulings related to menstruation and innocently fall into mistakes that may impact their worship, like not taking a ghusl after their period ends. It is the responsibility of every parent to teach their children the Islamic rulings.

We created this period guide to make it easy upon parents, Islamic schoolteachers, and anyone who is helping young girls. This book was reviewed by several mothers and fiqh of menstruation teachers. Insha’Allah it includes what is a must-know for your girl. The book was purposely kept at a reduced price to make it affordable for families.

ISBN: 9781739599959
Forfatter: Ustadha Naielah Ackbarali
Udgiver: Inspired Muslim Women Ltd (2023)
Sider: 79
Indbinding: paperback

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