A Juzz A Day - Summary of The Quran
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Trying to understand Al-Quran better? But you got no time?

Then, continue reading because this one is for you.

Have you ever wondered why some people can cry and sob hard while reciting Al-Quran?

Yet you on the other side can’t even feel a thing let alone understand it.

If this happens to you, don’t worry. Because you are not the only one.

The truth is, we all know deep down inside we want to fix our relationship with Allah SWT, we want to know more about what Allah SWT has to say inside of the Al-Quran but…

“I have no time.”

“My kids can’t get away from me.”

“I stumbled upon every word, it would take hours for me to even complete 1 page of Al-Quran. That’s just the reading, what else understanding it?”

Then just before you know it, years have passed… And you are still there, not understanding much about Al-Quran - His love letters.

But don’t worry and despair. With you reading this yourself, it is already a sign from Allah SWT to you, that this year, no matter what, you have to put more effort into understanding Al-Quran.

“But where do I start?”

You have found this page perfectly on time. Because when it hits you to start, that is the best time for you to start from page 1 of learning Al-Quran.

Start with A Juz A Day

What can you get from this book:

❤️The explanation for each juz in Al-Quran

❤️ Written in simple English so everyone can understand

❤️ Suitable for those who doesn’t have basics in Arabic

❤️ Finally understanding what Allah swt try to convey in His love letters

❤️ Finishing Ramadhan with a new understanding towards Al-Quran

❤️ A good preparation to understand Al-Quran before memorizing it

And the benefit will go on and on…

ISBN: 9789671724811
Forfatter: Yahya Ibrahim
Udgiver: Tertib Publishing (2019)
Sider: 192
Indbinding: Paperback

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