A Day In The Life Of Muhammad - A Study In The Prophet's Daily Programme
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Here is the city of palm dates and lively hearts; here lives his heart. It is his place, his city, his people. It is the city in which everything came alight when he arrived. Its people & very nature loved him. Here is mountain uhud with which he had a relation of mutual love. These narrow alleyways will recognize his footsteps.

Here will be his mosque and adjacent to it will be his small rooms. But here in the mosque will also gather a great band of men, eager to follow him and do his bidding. With them he will have a pure relation of mutual love. He is always with them; but his special relation is with God... We will look at Prophet Muhammads management of his day, hour by hour, to gain an insight into the simplicity of his great life, the spontaneity if his serious life, the perfect balance between his activities and the fulfillment of complementary needs.

ISBN: 978-603-90267-1-6
Forfatter: Abd al-Wahhab b. Nasir al-Turayri
Udgiver: IslamToday (2013)
Sider: 95
Indbinding: paperback

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