A Budding Heart
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As he grew up, his dreams also grew, just like a stone thrown in a pond, making larger & larger circles. These dreams developed, crystallised & changed according to his stage of life. His dreams were no longer confined within his family home. They had grown, going out in the street. They now include his friends, his alleyway, his school & neighbourhood. They penetrated into greater & wider areas, just like sunrays

A couple of years into primary school, his dream had been that one of his brothers become a doctor. He did not want to be a doctor himself, because he hated the sight of blood. But why did he hope for a doctor in the family? His mother suffered from abdominal pain, and he keenly felt her suffering.

Those around him commended his language ability and his memory, but they could not recognize his talents. Ideas penetrated his dreams. He soon began to feel different. His feelings radiated with a motivation that drove his young imagination towards a future of undefined achievements.

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ISBN: 978-603-90003-8-9
Forfatter: Salman al-Oadah
Udgiver: IslamToday (2012)
Sider: 420
Indbinding: paperback

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