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Tilføjet dato: fredag 12 september, 2014

BOGANMELDELSE AF 'Reclaim your Heart'

__This author is a truly big inspiration for me!__

Truly said this is one of the better and best Islamic books that I have read in recent time!

As you see this book come along deep reflections about our time very much affected of the Western lifestyle in this modern time where the book reminds us about the purpose of life. It does so by explaining it in a very good understanding of an author that seems to has grown up with Islam arisen in the West. This makes the book very relevant and interesting for the reader living in such circumstances.

This book is easy to read and understand where the author supports the subjects by Quran verses and Hadith's that are explained further on in a context of this time we are living anno 2014.

And the book ends in a – mashaAllah – perfect good way with some poetry about the longing for a close relationship to Allah.

Greatings and salam,
bror Shais
Written 16.2.14

Rating: 5 ud af 5 stjerner! [5 ud af 5 stjerner!]}

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