The Four Great Imams (13 CD)
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The Four Great Imams - Abu Hanifah, Malik, Shafi'i and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, have been traditionally presented as the founders of Islamic Jurisprudence or Fiqh.

This series seeks to introduce a new dimension to the way their lives are viewed today, by focusing on their character, and their personal interaction with their families, teachers, students, and society at large. It aims to re-emphasise their strong relevance to a wider Muslim audience who might possess interests beyond the sphere of Fiqh.

This series reflects on the various stages of the lives of the Four Great Imams, as teenagers, students, teachers, fathers, and active members in their communities, and as contemporary 'role models', particularly to the young generation Muslims living in the West.

The series also offers a fascinating insight into the golden era of Islamic history, with prime attention given to the factors and institutions that led to the emergence and development of the Four Great Imams.

An Introduction and Historical Context
 The Umayyad and the Abbasid Periods
 Islamic Groups and Trends
 The Muslim City: Kufa, Baghdad and Madina

Imam Abu Hanifah: the Person
 His household 
 His mother 
 His turning point
 Characteristics: Self Control, Brave, Organised and Devout.

Imam Abu Hanifah: Teachers and Students
 His teacher: Hammad and Etiquettes of Respect
 His students: Abu Yusuf and Al-Shaibani
 The Etiquettes of Love and Care for Sacred Knowledge

Imam Abu Hanifah: Society
 A Loving Heart
 An Honest Merchant

Imam Malik: The Person
 His Household
 His Turning Point
 Veneration of the Sunnah

Imam Malik: Teachers and Students 
 His Teachers: Al-Ra'i: Elegance
 Hormoz: I Don't Know!
 Nafi': Patience
 Zuhari: Dedication
 Al-Sadiq and al-Minkadir: Piety
 His Students
 Al-Qasim: Independence
 Ibn Wahab: Focus

Imam Malik: Society 
 Attitude toward the Rulers
 Respect for Scholars and Scholarship
 Imprisonment and Torture

Imam Shafi'i: The Person
 A Noble Orphan
 A Patient Mother
 His Turning Point
 His Meeting with Imam Malik
 A Man of Insight

Imam Shafi'i: Teachers and Students
 Teachers from Mecca, Baghdad and Egypt
 His Love and Care for Students
 His Illness and Death

Imam Shafi'i: The Society
 A Man of the People
 A Man Possessing a Sense of Humour

Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal: The Person
 An Orphan Who Loves His Mother
 As a Teenager
 His Sons
 A Man of Independence and Self Control

Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal: The Ordeal
 The Creation of the Quran
 Arrest and Torture

Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal: The Society
 His Love for the People
 His Love for the Poor
 Social Manners
 Political Attitudes

About the author.

Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi was born in Kuwait and educated in the United Kingdom. He completed his BA, MA, MPhil and PhD. in the field of Middle Eastern Politics and History, in various British universities including the University of Cambridge. He also has a Diploma in Islamic Studies from the Institute of Islamic Studies, Cairo. He is an author of numerous books and is a lecturer of Middle Eastern History at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, UK.

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