Palestinian Black Seed Oil (100ml)
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A blessed seed grown, harvested and produced from blessed Palestinian lands, by Palestinian farmers.

Dar-u-Shifa Black Seed oil is cultivated in the fertile valley of Sanur, Jenin, north of Palestine. The favourable weather conditions, the Holy Land and care in production is what gives our oil its unique quality.

Black Seed is an age-old herb used for thousands of years by world civilisations as a natural remedy for several diseases, ailments and to maintain good overall health and wellbeing.


Om Black Seed Oil

En særlig olie udvindes fra kernen som er brugt i tilberedelsen af forskellige medicinske formler. Den har været brugt til at behandle bronkitis og hoste. Det har også været brugt til at forøge legemets sundhed, såsom fordøjelses stimulerende, at dæmpe opstød, stimulering i udskillelsen af urin, opløsning af tarmluft, at undertrykke smerter fra mavekrampe og tarmluft kolik, at udstøde orme, gavner nogle hud allergier, stimulerer menstruations perioder og forøger strømmen af modermælken under amning. Hvis man tilføjer et par dråber til ens kaffe eller the så kan det hjælpe med at berolige nervesystemet, afhjælpe kighoste, tør hoste, astma og luftrørs- og åndedræts lidelser. Hvis man tager Black Seed Oil ublandet eller ufortyndet så kan det producere mavepine og irritere fordøjelsessystemet. Den sorte kerne (Black Seed) virker som en slimløsende middel ved at stimulere kroppens energi og hjælper med at genvinde udmattelse og modløshed. (Fra bogen Medicin of the Prophet)


Sort kerne er en sikker og effektiv urte der kan bruges af næsten enhver. Ingen irritationer eller sideeffekter er forårsaget når den rigtige dosis er tilsat korrekt. Dens fordele er opnået gennem dens konstante brug, følgerne er fra mellem til langvarende. Black seed can be used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus or diabetes caused by an allergy, but it is recommended that the treatment be supervised because Black seed lowers blood sugar levels. Black seed should not be taken by pregnant women.


Black seed contains over 100 valuable nutrients.  It is comprised of approximately 21% protein, 38% carbohydrates, and 35% plant fats and oils.  The active ingredients of black seed are nigellone, thymoquinone, and fixed oils. Black seed also contains significant proportions of protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.  Other ingredients include linoleic acid, oleic acid, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, niacin, and vitamin C.

The black seed is known in Arabic as the habbutual barakah (the seed of blessing).

Scientific research

Analysis of the black seed concluded that it contains phosphates, iron and carbohydrate compounds together with antibiotics that are capable of killing germs. Chemical analysis of the grain also proved that it contains carotene which is converted in the liver into vitamin A, this useful vitamin is well known for its anti-cancer activity.

Further analysis proved that the grain contains potent sexual hormones, stimulants, digestive enzymes, antacids, sedatives and other useful compounds. Recently it was discovered that the black seed activates the body immunity system and increases resistance to disease and the continuous use of black seeds has a preventative action against disease.

Those who seek permanent health should take the black seed oil in their breakfast, lunch & supper. A teaspoon of black seed oil mixed with honey will be most effective.

The different names for black seed oil

Black seed oil is referred to differently depending on where in the world you are. Variations can be found regionally, for example, between places in India it is referred to as Kalonji or Kalwanji oil, whilst in Arabia it is commonly known as Habbat-ul Sauda. Other names include the Black Cumin oil, Blessed Seed oil, Habbat-ul Barakah and Nigella Sativa.

Taking the above into consideration it is no surprise that there has been a degree of confusion in finding the exact seed which the Prophet (saws) told us about. As mentioned above it is sometimes called the Black Cumin Seed, however this does not resemble the Black Cumin which the Indians refer to as Jeera/Zeera.The most common English name for the Blessed Seed oil is Black Seed Oil.

For Cough and Asthma

  1. Apply Black seed oil to the chest and back.

  2. Mix a teaspoon of Black seed oil in Boiling water and inhale the vapor twice a day. 

  3. Take half a teaspoon of Black seed Oil daily in the morning.

Cystic fibrosis
Massage the chest with black seed oil, and drink a mixture of one teaspoon black seed oil with a teaspoon pure honey, morning afternoon and evening.

Mix a cup of whole black seeds, a cup of Water Cress Seeds (Mustard seed can be used as an alternative), half a cup of pomegranate peel and half a cup of fumitory. Grind the mixture to powder. Take half a teaspoon of the mixture together with a teaspoon of black seed oil daily before breakfast for one month.

Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil with a cup of yoghurt. Drink the mixture twice a day until symptoms disappear.

Dry Cough
A teaspoon of black seed oil should be mixed in coffee and taken twice a day. Rub the chest and back with black seed oil.

Eye disease & impaired vision
Rub the eyelids and the sides of the eye orbits half an hour before going to bed with black seed oil. A tablespoon of the oil should also be drunk with a cup of carrot juice. Results should be apparent in one month, insha Allaah.

Facial paralysis & tetanus
Inhaling the vapour of black seed oil and hot water can help against facial paralysis and tetanus, and eliminates their causes, insha Allaah.

Flu & nasal congestion
Placing three to four drops of black seed oil in each nostril relieves nasal congestion and head cold distress.

Gall stones & kidney stones
Prepare a formulation of 250g of ground black seed & 250g pure honey, stir thoroughly before use. Take two tablespoons of this formulation and mix thoroughly with half a cup of hot water. Finally add one teaspoon of black seed oil. This mixture is to be taken every morning before consuming any food. 

A teaspoon of black seed oil mixed in a glass of orange juice with breakfast makes you active all through the day. A teaspoon of black seed oil mixed in a hot drink after supper gives you a quiet sleep all through the night.

Diseases & their cure inshallah

Asthma, Bronchial & Respiratory problems
Mix a tablespoon of black seed oil in coffee. Take twice daily. Rub chest with black seed oil every night and inhale the vapour of black seed oil in hot water.

Backache & other kinds of rheumatism
Mildly heat a small amount of black seed oil and then stroke the rheumatic area intensely. A teaspoon of oil should also be drunk three times daily.

Beard growth
Massage the beard area with black seed oil ensuring that the oil penetrates to the roots, this stimulates the growth of the beard and prevents premature hair greying.

Breast feeding (increase the flow of breast milk)
Prepare a mixture of 250g black seeds & 250g pure honey, stir thoroughly before each dosage. Take two tablespoons of this formulation mixed with one teaspoon of black seed oil daily.

Common cold symptoms and nasal congestion
Firstly fry whole black seeds, then finely grind them into powder. Soak this in black seed oil and any vegetable oil. Place three to four drops in each nostril (N.B. this will cause excessive sneezing).

For Hypertension   

Take half teaspoon of Black seed oil with any hot drink at any time. Take 2 lobes of garlic on empty stomach. Apply Black seed oil to your whole body and expose it to the sun every three days, continue the treatment for a month.  

For Heart complaints & Constriction of Veins

Take half teaspoon of black seed oil mixed with any hot drink daily in the mornings, this will liquefy the fats and widen the veins and arteries. 

Inflammation of the Nose and throat

Put a few drops of oil in to a cup of boiling water and inhale the vapor. Take half a teaspoon of black seed oil with lemon juice daily.

For Headache and Ear ache

Apply black seed oiil to the forehead, sides of face adjacent  to the ears and behind  the ears. Take half teaspoon of Black seed Oil and continue for about 3 days. 

For Loss of Hair & premature Graying.

Scrub the scalp thoroughly with lemon, leave it for 15 minutes, wash away with water and shampoo and dry well, thereafter apply Black seed oil to the whole scalp, continue for a few weeks.   

For Eye infection, Pain and Weak sight. 

Apply Black seed oil around the eyes and on the eye lid before going to sleep. Take half a teaspoon Black seed oil mixed with carrot juice. For weak sight continue treatment.

For Backache and Rheumatic pain

Warm Black seed oil slightly and apply to the area thoroughly as you are massaging the bone, not the skin and drink half teaspoon Black seed oil for 15 days. 

For Vomiting

Take half teaspoon of fresh ginger juice mixed with equal amount of Black seed oil, twice a day.  

For toothache

Mix a half teaspoon of Black seed oil with warm water and gargle the mouth and apply oil on the affected tooth, it will alleviate pain quickly.     

FDA Approved Black Seed Oil

In spring of 1996 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted a patent for drug use as an immune system stimulant. The drug is based on extracts of "Nigella Sativa," more commonly known as the Black seed or Black cummin. The patent was based on "a  pharmaceutical composition containing an extract of the plant Nigella Sativa ...for treating cancer, preventing the side effects of anticancer chemotherapy, and for increasing the immune system functions in humans.

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