Healthcare and Well-being in Islam
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Religion is recognized as influencing almost every aspect of social, educational and economic quality in this life. Likewise the role of religion in relation to the health care system and wellbeing is evident whether recognized ort denied. It is unfortunate that modern medicine tends to treat the immediate illness and not the underlying cause.

For example we hold birthing classes for expectant mothers, but do not consider the role of faith and culture in the bringing up of children?

Are we not both equally important?

This book aims to outline the religious and philosophical factors that affect health care and wellbeing. It provides an awareness of Islamic perspective of caring and spirituality. In the same way, this book highlights a brief overview of the Muslim historical development in caring and health. It covers major topics which include cleanliness, preparation for prayer, modesty, family structure, fasting and diet and care of the dying.

This book is also devoted particularly to analysing and discussing the relationship between Islamic religion and health care.

Forfatter: Dr. Abdul Karim Awad
Udgiver: Message of Islam (2013)
Sider: 223
Indbinding: paperback

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