1001 Inventions - Arabic
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Introducing for 2012 Arabic version of 1001 Inventions Muslim Heritage in our world."This glorious book overflows with the great ideas of the Muslim middle ages. From Al-Jazari and his elegant clocks and al- Kindi and Ibn al-Haytham with their revolutionary optical theories, experiments, and books, to the astronomers who navigated across the desert by the stars, and the map-makers who put north at the bottom, every page is a mine of joyous information. There are even recipes to try out, and everything is beautifully illustrated.

See video interview here in Arabic:


ISBN: 978-0-9552426-4-9
Forfatter: 1001 Inventions
Udgiver: 1001 Inventions
Sider: 393
Indbinding: Paperback

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