Ren økologisk koldpresset jomfru Black seed olie - 100ml
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Black seed oil is an ancient remedy and our Ethiopian black seeds oil offers 100% purity! Proven to help with a wide range of conditions from heart trouble to cancer, black seed oil truly is a wonder of ancient medicine.

But you can still enjoy the benefits of it today! Known by many names including the "blessed seed", the "love in the mist" and most famously the "cure for all diseases except death" black seed oil certainly does have an impressive reputation.

But it's one that science says is factual! Black seed oils has been shown to hold anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties! It also contains eight essential amino acids and range of other vitamins and minerals.

  • Scientifically proven to help fight a number of common ailments.
  • Cold pressed to ensure maximum freshness.
  • Contains eight essential amino acids.
  • 100% pure!

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