Paradise - The Bliss and The Path To It
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The scholars of the past and present have written many books and booklets regarding paradise, its pleasures and characteristics of its inhabitants. I want to follow their guidance, their methodology and their way, summarising what they have written, and selecting the most correct from what they have compiled and adding to its other themes which we cannot disregard.

I hope ALLAH will join me and my righteous brothers with that group of those who are obedient and virtuous. Verily He, ALLAH is all hearing, all knowing, answering the supplication of those who ask, and peace and Blessing be upon the most noblest of the Messengers, our leader Muhammad( صلی الله علیه وآلیه وسلم ). The trustworthy and upon his family and all of his companions. Ameen.

Author: Shaykh Alee Hasan Alee Abdul Hameed
Publisher: Message of Islam (2013)
Pages: 40
Binding: paperback 

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