Investment in Islam
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Investment in Islam is a form of worship through which the Muslim investor draws closer to Allâh the Almighty by developing life on earth. It springs from the concept that humans are the successors on earth through the relation between them and the universe, and their Owner, Allâh the Lord of all creation. Investment in Islam is an economic and social responsibility as there is no distinction between it from the movement of life at it envisions life as a means leading to the Hereafter. It embodies the balance between the material life and the soul, and is a manifestation of Islam's interest in the individual and his community. I coincides with the goal of Islam to ensure that each individual has sufficient means of livelihood, provide humans with the means to fulfill their spiritual and material needs, and build righteous individuals who are considered the basis of investment.

The fact that Islam promotes investment is not limited to the realm of the material, but surpasses it, and seeks to achieve the welfare and well-being of the individual and society by satisfying the needs of the body, and accomodating the requirements of the mind and spirit which are no less important.

This book explores the concept of investment in Islam, its legal purposes, its most important standards, and the restriction and rules that control it; which ultimately direct the behavior of the Muslim investor. The desired outcome is to achieve the economic and social welfare of the individual and his community in both this life and the Hereafter.

ISBN: 978-977-5059-72-7
Forfatter: Dr. Ashraf Muhammad Dawâbah, oversat af Shaimaa Hussain Al-Monairi
Udgiver: Dar Al-Salam (2012)
Sider: 262
Indbinding: paperback

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