Hawas - Miracle Hair Oil (125ml)
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This magnificent product has been formulated especially with 49 types of natural oils, different types of essential oils and ancient herbs. These
herbs have been valued for their healing properties for thousands of years. The natural oils are a good source of nutrients, energy and proteins as well as providing lubricants.
They are also a source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids (which make up the keratin, the basic substance of the hair). The essential oils can stimulate the hair follicles and increase blood circulation and oxidization sufficiently to bring about regrowth of hair although in some cases this may resemble vellus or baby hair. The oils penetrates deeply into the hair shaft and follicles to give your hair gentle treatment to avoid further damage and loss. These oils stimulate your scalp to encourage new and stronger growth.
Miracle Hair Oil contains the Black seed oil or Nigella Sativa extract, which contains Nigellone, Minerals, Sulphur, Phosphorus, phosphates,
Iron, Calcium, Enzymes, Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamin A (Retinol) and Vitamin E (Tocopherols). It also contains the Carotene, which is anti-cancer.
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