Dawah Technique Course (4 CD + Book)
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As Muslims we are always presented with the opportunity to give Da'wah but few of us take up this great challenge. Why is this the case? Are we too afraid to propagate the truth, do we lack the correct knowledge or are we just in need of Da'wah our selves? Insha Allah, no more can we accept excuses for not being at the forefront of Islamic propagation. Why? Shaykh Khalid Yasin, the world's most eminent Da'ee in giving Da'wah directly to the non-Muslim population and having been Blessed by Allah The All Giver, the gift of bringing many thousands of people to Islam, has now let us into his mind, his techniques and his motivation behind his success.

This 4 seminar series is without doubt, not only the best, but also the only Da'wah course available to Muslims living in non-Muslims environments. Clear your mind and open your heart to accept what Shaykh Khalid teachers and implement it to further your own Da'wah objectives and increase your Imaan Insha Allah.

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