Cupping - The Great Missing Therapy
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This traditional, time-honoured treatment remains favoured by millions of people worldwide because it's safe, comfortable and remarkably effective for many health disorders.

Cupping (Hijama Therapy) is a marvelous procedure for eliminating stagnation and improving blood flow, especially in the back. The practitioner creates suction in a cup; the skin gets sucked up and rises under the cup as blood rushes up. Cupping is an ancient practice that has become increasingly available to the public.

Although, it recently gained publicity in the western world and the United States, cupping is one of the most famous medical recommendations of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam).
This book is an in-depth study of the medical importance of this great missing Prophetic recommendation that is found to be in perfect accord with modern medical science. It identifies and treats the basic tenets of this true faith in the light of current knowledge. It is written with the general as well as the specialized reader in mind.
The book was inspired from my Islamic and my scientific background and therefore, it has two characters: a religious and a scientific one.
Many cupping practitioners had reported that the most important mode of action in cupping is regarded to be the balance and improvement of immunity. However, studies in this area were mostly clinical observations and there was no specific research regarding the mechanism by which cupping therapy exerts its effect as an immune modifier.

Therefore, it is my pride and pleasure to bring into light the results of my thesis which is a study done for the first time on the concept of cupping therapy based on basic immunologic principles.
The book identifies cupping and bloodletting therapies. It describes clearly more than ten types of cupping, and emphasizes in detail its popularization in history and the importance of cupping in treating many diseases. It gives considerable insight into the simplest and most effacious way of not only treating diseases but also keeping a healthy body and recommends this easy-to-use therapy particularly in situations in which our present science has little to offer. There are no negative side effects other than some temporary cup-shaped marks on your skin. Moreover, it is cheap to administer. If you would like to know more about cupping, continue reading!


Cupping is the most helpful procedure for human beings to cure themselves (Bukhari)

Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama)…[Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (5371)]. 

ISBN: 977-342-394-8
Forfatter: Dr. Sahbaa M. Bondok
Udgiver: Dar Al-Salam 2010
Sider: 234 
Indbinding: paperback 

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