Children Around The Prophet (pbuh) - 8 CD
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Children Around The Prophet (pbuh) - How Muhammad (pbuh) raised the Young Companions.

This 8 CD set introduces a new dimension to the Seerah or life of Prophet Muhammad (sws), which has rarely been looked at in past Seerah narratives: Focusing upon how the Prophet oe taught, dealt and interacted with children, any of whom grew up to become outstanding Companions and model Muslims.

In introducing parents and potential parents to the Prophetic example of dealing with children, Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi tackles the challenges and complexity of raising children, and the necessity to understand and cater for their needs. Throughout these lectures recorded at Birkbeck College, University of London, Dr.Al-Awadi, a renowned Seerah historian, draws upon instances from the Prophet's (sws) life in order to address the emotional, spiritual, moral, sexual and social dimensions of raising children in today's society.

CD 1: Introduction
CD 2: Developing The Emotional
CD 3: Developing The Iman (belief)
CD 4: Developing The Worship
CD 5: Developing The Morals
CD 6: Disciplining Sexual Desires
CD 7: Developing The Social
CD 8: Conclusion

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