Ash-Shafiyah incl Mushaf (CD)
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Ash-Shāfiyah is a unique collection of recitations of the most notable passages of the Glorious Qur'ain including:


All of them presented for the first time in the famous ten Qirā'āt (authentic styles) with their Riwāyāt (chain narration) by Shaykh Mishary Rashed Al-Afasy. These styles are common in certain parts of the world and represent the dynamic variations in which the Qur'an was revealed and read, through divine inspiration by the Angel Jibril to the Messenger of Allah (Sahih Al-Bukhāri).

Traditionally, there are ten recognised schools of Qira'āt, and each one derives its name from a famous reader of Qur'ān recitation. This beautiful anthology of the Riwāyāt features:

This beautiful anthology of the Riwāyāt features:

Qālūn & Warsh (taken from Al-Imām Nafʿi Al-Madanī)
Al-Bazzī & Qunbul (taken from Al-Imām Ibn Kathīr Al-Makkī)
Ḥafṣ Ad-Dūrī & As-Sūsī (taken from Al-Imām Abī ʿAmrū Al-Baṣrī)
Ḥishām & Ibn Dhakwān (taken from Al-Imām Ibn ʿĀmir Ash-Shāmī)
Shuʿba & Ḥafṣ (taken from Al-Imām ʿĀsim Al-Kūfī)
Khalaf & Khallād (taken from Al-Imām Ḥamzah Al-Kūfī)
Abu Ḥārith & Ḥafṣ Ad-Dūrī (taken from Al-Imām Al-Kisā’ī Al-Kūfī)
Ibn Wardān & Ibn Jammāz (taken from Al-Imām Abī Jʿafar Al-Madanī)
Ruwaīs & Rawḥ (taken from Al-Imām Yaʿqūb Al-Baṣrī)
Ishāq & Idrīs (taken from Al-Imām Khalaf Al-Bazzār)

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