Al-Jumuah Magazine Nov-Dec 2011
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The Choice of Change

Straight Talk
A Good Tree Bears Good Fruit
Written By Kaighla White

Heart Talk
The Anguishes of Poverty
Excerpts from Quarry of the Mind (Sayd Al-Khatir) by Ibn Al-Jawzi
Translated By Omar Abdl-Haleem

Repentance: the voice of hope
Written By Umm Abdullah Zubairi

In Review
Medicine of the Prophet
Written By Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah
Translated By Penelope Johnstone

Photographing Women
Duty of Reporting Zina
Going To Public Gyms
Relationships With Other Than One's Spouse
Checking A Sibling's Internet Usage
Answered by Dr. Salah Al-Sawy
AMJA Permenent Fatwa Committee

The Choice of Change
Written By Leslie Schaffer and Kamal Shaarawy

Second Feature
The Sources of Identity in the Islamic Diaspora
Written By Amadou Shakur

Science Upholds Faith
Scientific Miracles of the Qur'an - 13: The Wrapping of Muscles over the Bones
Written By Harun Yahya

In Focus
Lessons for a Sunnah-Loving Community from the Amish
Written By Zainab Khan

Mustalah Al-Hadith
The Science of Verifying Hadith
Written By Omar Abdl-Haleem

Fiqh Matters
Salat Al-Hajah
Written By Omar Abdl-Haleem

The Forty-Fifth Station (Irada) The Station of Intention
Translation By Uwaymir Anjum

Letter From The Backwoods
Jumana and the Norwegian Giant
Written By Ahmad Haleem

Family Relationships
Domestic Violence in the Muslim Community
Written By Abdul Wali Carter

Women's Issues
The Fit Muslimah
Written By Sumayyah Meehan

On Limits and Deliverance
Written By Olivia Kompier

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