Al-Jumuah Magazine May-June 2012
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Islamic Education in West Africa

Straight Talk
Knowledge and Niyyah
Written By Al Jumuah Staff Writers

Heart Talk
The Diverse Fountains of the People of Knowledge
Wasting Time
Excerpts from Quarry of the Mind (Sayd Al-Khatir) by Ibn Al-Jawzi
Translated By Omar Abdl-Haleem

Rejoice, O You Who Are Kind To Kith and Kin!
Written By Samir Yunus

Have We Been Ordered To Fight The Christians
Gathering in the Mosque to Recite the Qur'an for the Deceased and Giving a Sermon Afterwards
A New Muslim Woman Still Wants To Marry Who Insists on Remaining a Catholic
Medical Insurance
Answered By the AMJA Permenent Fatwa Committee

Islamic Education in West Africa
Written By Amadou Shakur

Science Upholds Faith
Beings Our Lord Created With Strong Senses
Written By Harun Yahya

In Focus
Religious Revival (Tajdid) Between Reality and Hope - Part 1
Written By Muhammad Jamil Al-Mustafa

Special Issue
The Lipka Tatars
Written By Hashim & Khurram Khan

Letter From The Backwoods
A Basic Guide For Surviving Cootie Season
Written By Ahmad Abdl-Haleem

The Forty-Eighth Station: Al-Sidq - The Station of Truthfulness
Steps of the Seekers Written By Ibn Al-Qayyim
Translation By Uwaymir Anjum

Women's Issues
The First Fire of Marriage: Time Management - Part 2
Written By Olivia Kompier

I Got You, Babe! losing the hearts and minds of our daughters
Written By Khadijah Abd'l-Haleem

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