Al-Jumuah Magazine Jul-Aug 2012
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Me and My Other Half: a spouse closed to change

The Forty-Seventh Station: The Station of Adab (Part 5)
Steps of the Seekers Written By Ibn Al-Qayyim
Translation By Uwaymir Anjum

The Concluding Ayahs of Surat At-Tawbah
Written By Kamil Omar

The Significance of the Sunnah: An Overview
Written By Omar Abd'l Haleem

Me and My Other Half: a spouse closed to change
Written By Leslie Schaffer and Kamal Shaarawy

Biblical Inaccuracy and John 3:16 (Part 1 or 5)
Written By Lawrence B. Brown

Islam Is Growing and Expanding
Written By Ahmed Eisa

The Task of the Dai
Written By Ja'far Sheikh Idris

Touching the Mushaf the Taharah Requirement - Part 2
Written By Omar As-Sabil

On Auctions
Answered By Shaykh Salih Al-Munajjid

On whether Muslims can have a Monolithic System of Fiqh?
Answered By Shaykh Abd Al-Aziz Al-Qaari

On Salat Al-Hajah (the Salah of Need)
Answered By Shaykh Mohamed ibn Othaimin

Counsel & Comment
The First Fire of Marriage: the fire of household management - Part 4
Written By Olivia Kompier

Cozy, Comfy Beds
Written By Umm Abdullah Zubari

"The Prophet's Mosque Needs Remodeling"
Written By Ahmad Abdl-Haleem

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