Al-Jumuah Magazine Aug-Sep 2008
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Preparing Soul and Body for Ramadhan

Straight Talk
Free To Be You and Me
Hanan Basher

Heart Talk
The Gift Of Tranqulity
Mueen Ahmad

And She Lived Happily Ever-Active
Amany Suleiman

Youthful Horizons
All That We've Lost
Osama Abdl-Haleem

In Review
Following Muhammad
Sania Sufi
Easily Understand Islam
Mueen Ahmad

Dealing With an Unfaithful Husband
Shaikh Hatem Mohammed Al -Haj Aly
Accepting Insurance in an Accidental Death Case
Dr Salah Al-Sawy

The Harbor of Divine Treasures Preparing Soul and Body for Ramadhan
Uwaymir Anjum

Special Issues
"R" is For Ramadhan
Abdullah Khan
The Al Maghrib Institute Who's Your Family
Susan Smith

In Focus
The Question
Marryam Haleem

Letters from the Backwoods
E=MC squared=Truth
Ahmad Haleem

Science Upholds Faith
Allah's Art Of Detail-2/14
Harun Yahya

Annals of Our Past
Al Hasan Al Basri A preserver of the Prophetic Sunnah in its totality
Uwaymir Anjum

Nutrition and Spirituality
Revitalizing The Heart
Sehba Khan

A Matter of Fiqh
Sujjud At-Tilawah The Prostration Of Recitation
Omar Haleem

Ibadah All Around
Elizabeth Basa

Women's Issues
Read On
Noor Ali

Play & Learn

My Spirituality My Disability
Maryam Funmilayo

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