Zakah (Poor Dues)
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This book is a translation of the section on zakāh from the Arabic book entitled Al-Fiqh ‘Ala Al-Madhāhib Al-’Arba‘ah (Islamic Jurisprudence According to the Four Juristic Schools) edited by ‘Abdul-Rahmān Al-Jazīrī. In this book, the opinions of the famous four Juristic Schools are compiled and juxtaposed.

This English version gives the non-Arabic speaking Muslims a chance to know more about zakāh rulings according to the four juristic sunni schools. This is expected to help them perform this article of Islam in consonance with Islamic rulings, and choose the opinions which are more appropriate to their communities, in case of difference in legal opinions. Further, it is an important source of information to non-Muslims on zakāh which is the third pillar of Islam and the cornerstone of the Islamic economic and social systems. It is through zakāh that the problems of poverty and social disintegration can be settled.

ISBN: 978-977-342-996-6
Forfatter: 'Abd-ul-Rahman Al-Jaziri
Udgiver: Dar Al-Salam (2011)
Sider: 110
Indbinding: paperback

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