Prophet Muhammad (saw) - The Teacher
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Education is one of the most universally discussed topic, the process of exchanging knowledge and values from one generation to the next. For Muslims, wherever they may live in the world, there is an added complexity to the education dilemma because of the general diminishment of respect for the sacred and the separation of values from facts.

This book shows the teachings and methods derived from the statements and model of the Prophet Muhammad, God’s peace be upon him. It is a duty or a responsibility of the Muslim educators to study these essential principles and explore how they may be translated into methodologies that apply in today’s world.

This book is a valuable contribution for educators and parents alike. Collectively, the precepts and recommendations of the gracious Prophet show how vital he viewed learning and teaching.

ISBN: 9781905837182
Author: Shaykh 'Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah
Publisher: Awakening Worldwide (2017)
Pages: 164
Binding: paperback 

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