Kaf as Kabah Memory Game
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Kaf as Kabah Memory Game

56 plywood playing cards (6 x 6 cm) in a wooden box with acrylic lid

Boost your child's memory and enhance his/her English/Arabic vocabulary and recognition skills. This a a great way to farmiliarise your children with the Arabic alphabet and to force thier brains to think hard and all the while having fun!

This one is for all the family, but be careful, this game is one which the kids probably have a greater advantage of an active mind!

A great high quality Islamic alternative to this traditional game. Turn over matching cards to make a pair, the winner is the person or team with the most cards at the end. The 56 cards are printed with various Islamic letters and objects (28 letters and 28 objects). The game is a great way for your children to learn and memorise Arabic letters and Islamic items. Suitable for all age levels, a game for the whole family. Box Size: 26 x 26cm



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